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This is the cover foto of internet series (mp3). A series of hand-crafted contemporary lo-fi mp3 live recordings. It shows guitarist, improviser, and composer Andreas Paolo Perger gliding backwards through the internet with his guitar listening to contemporary live music.Das ist das Cover-Foto der internet serie (mp3). Eine Serie handgemachter zeitgenössischer lo-fi mp3 Live-Aufnahmen. Es zeigt Gitarrist, Improvisateur und Komponist Andreas Paolo Perger mit seiner Gitarre rückwärts durch das Internet gleiten und zeitgenössische Live-Musik hören.
This is the same internet series (mp3) cover foto like above, but without colour. Andreas Paolo Perger, contemporary guitarist, improviser, and composer gliding backwards through the internet with his 5.1 surround guitar, listening to his hand-crafted contemporary lo-fi mp3 live recordings from his internet series (mp3).Das ist dasselbe Cover-Foto der internet serie (mp3) wie oben, aber ohne Farbe. Andreas Paolo Perger, zeitgenössischer Gitarrist, Improvisateur und Komponist gleitet rückwärts durch das Internet mit seiner 5.1 Surround Gitarre und hört seine handgemachten zeitgenössischen lo-fi mp3 Live-Aufnahmen von seiner internet serie (mp3).
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>talk about music 2017
Live! Each Thursday 9:00 p.m. at Zionskirche Berlin!

26. May 2017, Work for Orchestra 3, St Elisabeth Kirche, Berlin
Andreas Paolo Perger, Alessandra Eramo, Audrey Chen,
Biliana Voutchkova, Chris Dahlgren,
Elena Kakaliagou, Emilio Gordoa,
Hilary Jeffery,
Matthias Bauer, Magda Mayas, Michael Thieke, Mia Zabelka,
Paul Schwingenschlögl,
Robin Hayward, Roy Caroll, Sabine Vogel
Supported by 36. DEKT, Kulturbüro Elisabeth, Künstlerausgabe
Artist Edition

"Beyond Words" by Urszula Antoniak got premiered in Toronto and
San Sebastian!

The Künstlerausgabe/ Artist Edition Sound-Gallery in Berlin is there!
A small place to make music, think music, and redefine music. After
years of sound-installation the concert program and the salon will

>talk about music 2016
"Work for Orchestra 3" got awarded by the expert jury to be premiered at
"St. Elisabeth Kirche" Berlin during "Kirchentag 2017"!

Shooting of "Beyond Words" by Urszula Antoniak during a concert
at Zionskirche Berlin in August!

>talk about music 2015
Concert film of "Work for Orchestra 2" by Carlos Bustamante is ready!

12. June 2015/ Work for Orchestra 2, St. Johannes-Evangelist Church, Berlin
with Biliana Voutchkova, Antonis Anissegos, Michael Thieke, Elena Kakaliagou,
Gunnar Geisse, Almut Kühne, Sabine Vogel, Audrey Chen, Yorgos Dimitriadis,
Hilary Jeffery, Klaus Janek, Chris Dahlgren, Alessandra Eramo,
Katrin Mickiewicz, Playing figures by Edouard Steinhauer
Supported by Kulturbüro Elisabeth and Künstlerausgabe/ Artist Edition
[Programm Kulturbüro Elisabeth Internet]  [Programm Kulturbüro Elisabeth Flyer]

>talk about music 2014
Public rehearsing and recording of improvised compositions for concert guitar
Every Thursday from 31. July until 18. September 2014 (8 p.m. - 10 p.m.)
at Zionskirche Berlin (In collaboration with Künstlerausgabe/ Artist Edition,
With friendly support of the Kirchengemeinde am Weinberg, Guitar by
Urs Langenbacher) [Poster Gravur/ Gravure] [Einladung Gravur/ Invitation Gravure]
[Live-Mitschnitt/ Live recording[Photo]

>talk about music 2013
Sunday, 1. December 2013, 5 pm/ Concert video by Carlos Bustamante
"Work for Orchestra 1" - A. P. Perger, An interactive work genesis (2013)
Kino Arsenal (Room 2), Filmhaus im Sony Center am Potsdamer Platz,
Potsdamer Str. 2, 10785 Berlin 
[Poster zum Video/ Poster of the video]

1. June 2013/ Work for Orchestra 1, St. Johannes-Evangelist Church, Berlin
with Klaus Janek, Antonis Anissegos, Biliana Voutchkova, Hilary Jeffery,
Andreas Paolo Perger, Hannes Lingens, Audrey Chen, Alessandra Eramo,
Roy Carroll, Sabine Vogel, Tobias Delius, Elena Kakaliagou

Supported by Kulturbüro Sophien and Künstlerausgabe/ Artist Edition

[Program including artist biographies] [Programm Kulturbüro Sophien]

>talk about music 2012
Live at Bei Maria/ Berlin 04/ 2012 with Andrea Sanzvela/ Viola
Gregor Schulenburg/ Flute, Joris Vercammen/ Guitar, and Klaus Janek/
Doublebass, Electronic - MP3 44.00/ 39.44 min [81.3 MB] [59.7 MB] <
Live at Bei Maria/ Berlin 04/ 2012 with Els Vandeweyer/ Vibraphone [25.1 MB]
Miles Perkin/ Doublebass and Yorgos Dimitriadis/ Drums - MP3 15.53 min
Live at Miss Hecker/ Berlin 02/ 2012 with Tobias Delius/ Saxophone
and Achim Kaufmann/ Piano - MP3 38.37 min [37.2 MB]
plus Wilbert de Joode/ Doublebass - MP3 32.50/ 7.19 min [31.8 MB] [7.2 MB]
Live at b-flat/ Berlin 03/ 2012 with Tobias Delius/ Saxophone,
Giorgio Pacorig/ Piano, Antonio Borghini/ Doublebass, and
Yorgos Dimitriadis/ Drums - MP3 43.46/ 39.36 min [42.4 MB] [38.7 MB]
Enjoy the lo-fi mp3 live music on internet series (mp3)!

>talk about music 2010/ 2011
Concert with Thomas Schmauser reads John Lennon, Berlin 12/ 2010
Recordings for the new album at Studio am Fernsehturm, Berlin 03/ 2011
Guitar on "Manifest der Vielen", feat. Sesede Terzyan, Volkan T., and
Toby Dope, Blumenbar Verlag Berlin 02/ 2011 [>>enjoy the video on youtube<<]
Solo guitar album "RELIEF" ready for publishing, Berlin 04/ 2011
"RELIEF" published as MP3 Download (Artist Edition), Internet 05/ 2011

"RELIEF" - Berlin 2011
MP3 Download 52.56 min

1.  One/ Five
2.  Colourful Flowers
3.  Silence of Memories
4.  Electric Elegance
5.  Relief
6.  Two/ Four
7.  Plurilinguismo
8.  To Be Continued
9.  Natural Transitions
10.  Road Movie

Solo guitar originals in studio quality/
5.1 Surround Guitar > Tubes > Digital >
Stereo/ 10 Pieces/ Artist Edition Berlin

Feel the acoustic relief with headphones!

Available at iTunes, Amazon, Napster...

>play a concert
Live at Top Kino Vienna 05/ 2005 - Video 2.19 min [.mov 670 KB] [.wmv 710 KB]
Live at Jazz Festival Munich 10/ 2005 - MP3 2.41 min [804 KB]
Live at Kunstverein Munich 07/ 2006 - MP3 3.27 min [3.2 MB]*
Live at Transart Bolzano 10/ 2006 - MP3 7.56 min [3.7 MB]
with Franz Hautzinger/ Trumpet and Helge Hinteregger/ Sampler
Live at Workshop Concert 10/ 2006 - MP3 8.00 min
[3.7 MB]
with Gunter Pretzel/ Viola and Werner Hofmeister/ Electronic
Live at NBI Berlin 11/ 2006 - MP3 3.16 min
[2.9 MB]
with Klaus Janek/ Doublebass, Electronic
Live at Aquarium Munich 03/ 2007 - MP3 4.26 min
[ 2.1 MB]*
Live at Galerie eigenArt Landshut 04/ 2007 - MP3 6.31 min [3.1 MB]*
Live at Verein08 Vienna 07/ 2007 - MP3 2.47 min [2.5 MB]
with Franz Hautzinger/ Trumpet and Helge Hinteregger/ Sampler
Live at Galerie Pich Munich 07/ 2007 - MP3 10.21 min
[solo 4.9 MB]*
with Gunter Pretzel/ Viola - MP3 4.32 min [duo 2.2 MB]*
Live at TONSPUR_live (MQ) Vienna/ ORF Long Night of Museums 10/ 2007
MP3 3.29 min
[1.6 MB]* Video 3.11 min [.mov 6.4 MB]* MP3 39.55 min [18.7 MB][more..]
Live at Schwere Reiter Munich 04/ 2008 - MP3 [10.7 MB]* Video [.mov 36.5 MB]*
with ICI Ensemble Special Guest: Michael Büttler/ Trombone 22.56 min
Live at Institut Intermédií Prague 05/ 2008 - MP3 5.02 min
[solo 2.3 MB]* 
MP3 8.56 [duo 4.1 MB]* Video 5.02 min [.mov 6.2 MB]* Video 8.56 min [.mov 11.0 MB]*
with Stanislav Abrahám Pads/ Voice/ Digital [poster] [photo]
Live at Verein08 Vienna 10/ 2008 - MP3 4.05 min [1.9 MB]
with Peter Szely/ Computer and Juergen Berlakovich/ Guitar, Voice
Live at Schwere Reiter Munich 11/ 2008 - MP3 8.45 min [4.9 MB]

Video 5.43 min [.mov 7.4 MB] with Peter Szely/ Computer
and Juergen Berlakovich/ Guitar, Voice [photo 1 2
Live at Mobiler Konzertraum Munich 01/ 2009 - MP3 49.20 min
with Sebastiano Tramontana/ Trombone [1  2  3  4  5  6  - 22.8 MB]*
Enrico Sartori/ Saxophone and Klaus Janek/ Doublebass
Live at Artothek Munich 02/ 2009 - MP3 46.24 min [1  2  3  4 - 21.9 MB]*
Live at Freitagsmusik Hamburg 03/ 2009 - MP3 46.12/ 21.15 min
with Sylvia Necker/ Raumstation
[solo 21.7 MB]* [duo 9.9 MB]*
Live at Geräuschwelten#49 Münster 05/ 2009 - MP3 22.49 min
[10.7 MB]*
Live at Leuphana Universität Lüneburg 05/ 2009 - MP3 16.16 [1 2 3 - 7.68 MB]*
Live at Electric Eclectics Festival 4/ The Funny Farm/ Scotch Mountain/
Meaford/ Ontario/ Canada 08/ 2009 - MP3 39.14 [18.6 MB]* [photo 1 2]
Live at Hardcover/ Blumenbar Berlin 12/ 2009
- MP3 9.48 [4.9 MB]*
Live at Freispiel Ulm 03/ 2010
- MP3 13.42 with Roland Graeter/ Cello [8.5 MB]*
Live at Kunst am Spreeknie Berlin 08/ 2011 MP3 41.14 [59.5 MB]*
Live at Bei Maria Berlin Mitte 12/ 2011 - MP3 13.30 [19.5 MB]*
5.1 surround guitar, recorded in stereo - follow each string with headphones
   5.1 Surround Gitarre, Stereoaufnahme - Folgen Sie jeder Saite im Kopfhörer

Photo 1: The acoustic space of the 5.1 surround guitar for contemporary multi-perspective live guitar music of Andreas Paolo Perger/ Photo 1: Der Klangraum der 5.1 Surround Gitarre für zeitgenössische multiperspektivische Live-Gitarrenmusik von Andreas Paolo PergerPhoto 2: Concert for 5.1 surround guitar for contemporary multi-perspective live guitar music from Andreas Paolo Perger, open air at the Museumsquartier Vienna/ Photo 2: Konzert für 5.1 Surround Gitarre von Andreas Paolo Perger für zeitgenössische multiperspektivische Live-Gitarrenmusik, open air im Museumsquartier WienPhoto 3: 5.1 surround guitar of Andreas Paolo Perger for contemporary multi-perspective live guitar music, Schwere Reiter Munich/ Photo 3: 5.1 Surround Gitarre von Andreas Paolo Perger für zeitgenössische multiperspektivische Live-Gitarrenmusik, Schwere Reiter München
Multi-perspective original contemporary live guitar music on an extended instrument with a special
loudspeaker installation, integrating social and spacial aspects of music into the process of origination.
The variable and open concept enables the constant recognizable progression of the originating music with its
primordial inspirations in Classical Music, Jazz, New Music, Improvised Music and Electronic Music. The module-
based composition technique emphasizes improvisation and authentic music-making. The list of live music (above)
presents some lo-fi mp3 recordings of spontaneous collaborations, group works and solo works in concert halls,
contemporary music festivals, museums, art galleries, cinemas and appropriate places of daily life. The
download album "Relief" (Artist Edition Berlin 2011) consists of a series of ten live improvised originals
for 5.1 surround guitar in studio quality. The title refers to the spacial acoustic relief arising, while
listening to the music with stereo headphones. Enjoy contemporary guitar music with spacial

Multiperspektivische originäre Live-Gitarrenmusik auf einem erweiterten Instrument mit einer räumlichen
Lautsprecherinstallation, soziale und räumliche Aspekte von Musik in den Entstehungsprozess integrierend.
Das variable und offene Konzept ermöglicht die konstante wiedererkennbare Fortschreibung der entstehenden
Musik mit ihren Ursprungsinspirationen in Klassischer Musik, Jazz, Neuer Musik, und Elektronischer Musik.
Die auf Modulen basierende Kompositionsmethode betont Improvisation und authentisches Musikmachen.
Die Liste mit Live-Musik (oben) präsentiert einige lo-fi Mp3-Aufnahmen spontaner Kollaborationen, Gruppen-
arbeiten und Solowerken in Konzertsälen, bei zeitgenössischen Musikfestivals, in Museen, Kunstgalerien,
Kinos und an geeigneten Orten des alltäglichen Lebens. Das Download-Album "Relief" (Artist Edition
Berlin 2011) besteht aus einer Serie von zehn live improvisierten Originalen für 5.1 Surround Gitarre
in Studioqualität. Der Titel bezieht sich auf das entstehende räumliche Klangrelief, hört man die
Musik mit Stereokopfhörern. Geniessen Sie zeitgenössische Gitarrenmusik mit räumlichem

>play a loop
guitar 0.38 min [.mp3 - 349KB]  beat 1.54 min [.mp3 - 641KB]  picture [.jpg - 43KB]
internet sound sculpture for computer - two players simultaneously, endless loop - picture fullscreen mode
internet-klangskulptur für computer - zwei spieler gleichzeitig, endlosschleife - bild gesamter bildschirm

>play a message [x] [ i ] [>] [] [@]
<<forward backward songs x.1-x.6>> interactive internet music for concert guitar and mp3 compressor 
<<vorwärts rückwärts lieder x.1-x.6>> interaktive internet musik für konzertgitarre und mp3 kompressor

>go to concert!
Live! Each Thursday 9:00 p.m. at Zionskirche Berlin!

more music soon...

thanks to musicians, concert audiences, and the internet series (mp3) audience

Internet Series (mp3) is the personal homepage of guitarist, improviser and composer Andreas Paolo Perger.

It contains contemporary lo-fi mp3 live recordings and information about original works of music and musical projects for private use.
The author is not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from his pages.

Internet Series (mp3) ist die persönliche Homepage von Gitarrist, Improvisateur und Komponist Andreas Paolo Perger.
Sie enthält zeitgenössische lo-fi mp3 Live-Aufnahmen und Informationen über originale Werke der Musik und Musikprojekte für den
Gebrauch. Der Autor ist nicht für Inhalte verantwortlich, auf die von seinen Seiten verwiesen oder verlinkt wird.

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