dear lo-fi enthusiasts,

there is nothing like a real fine lo-fi piece. remember good old vinyl or early cassette
recorders, early homerecording or early internet listening. and here is a concert guitar,
recorded with the laptop microphone and compressed with mp3. such a fine lo-fi!

the composition is done for listening one by one, as well as for performing simultaneously.
you may use the files as basic elements for your own multitrack-piece [>], or even as
a ringtone loop []. i hope you enjoy the mantra-like quality!

Cover shows a concert guitar and a computer. Click to zoom! [x] [>] [] [@]

[@] get the music (six mp3's - 1.3 mb only) via email and listen to it one by one, or open
six players with forward backward loop function and create your own music. never start the
players at the same time!
fade in and out, push start stop and pause. press forward and
backward. perform alone or together with your friends. have fun!

<<forward backward songs x.1-x.6>> is the internet part of the program cycle "The
six keys of the cassette recorder
". it emphasizes the email as expanded concert hall
and a place of authentic social and cultural exchange. [@] get the music!

love & peace, andreas paolo perger
automatic - lo-fi email public@tions
for private use only/ gema


>internet series/ internet serie (mp3)